What’s in my Bag?

Today I’m linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday- What’s in your Bag?  This post contains affiliate links.

If you know me, you know that I LOVE purses and bags.  It’s a sickness- hahaha!  My exact Rebecca Minkoff bag isn’t available any more via Amazon (because I got a crazy good deal!), but I gave some other options at the end of this post.




I really liked this bag because of the zipper pocket in the front (so I can easily access my phone) and the large zippered pocket on the inside that helps keep everything organized.  I recently cleaned out my purse so there actually isn’t much in there!


purseCollage21- My main organizational strategy is all right here.  I always carry a wristlet wallet where I’m able to hook on my keychain with my house and car keys.  (It’s helpful that I have keyless drive in my car so I don’t need to take the keys off the keychain to drive) I just grab my wallet when I’m making a short trip and I know I always have my keys.  I have a few of these wristlet wallets from Coach (this one is old!!) and they also have a pocket on the back for a phone.  It’s great to be able to grab and go any time without having to take my whole purse.  It also helps me not lose my keys in the house because it’s much easier to find a large blue wallet than a small set of keys!  I love this phone case that was very reasonable- I usually like a Kate Spade case, but this time when it ripped I didn’t feel like shelling out $50. I love this one for summer!

2- I also carry the small pink pouch which houses all my gift cards and store loyalty cards etc… It helps to have them not all jumbled up in my big wallet.

3- I love to read so I always carry my Kindle Paperwhite with me for all those times I have to wait for someone at soccer practice, carpool line etc… I used to use an iPad for reading, but the Kindle is so light that I asked for one for my birthday several years ago and I love it.  It’s very lightweight and durable- I should know, I’ve dropped it many times.

I also found a Starbucks gift card!  Yay!

4- These are all the things I keep in the large zippered pocket.  I usually have about 5 more lip glosses, but not today I guess!  I also always carry sunscreen- my two favorites are zinc based (Sun Bum and Ocean Potion Face), hair ties and dental floss.  Although I don’t usually carry snacks for my kids anymore, I always carry a Larabar for myself.

I also always have my sunglasses, but I keep them in the car and then stick them in my purse.

On the weekends, I often switch to a larger tote bag- especially if we have a soccer tournament.  I seem to end up with lovely items like socks or water bottles, but I try to keep it stocked so a switch is easy.  This bag is several years old, but I just added the tassels to make it more fun for the summer.  (My teenage daughter told me it’s a little too much fun though- hahaha)  The Coach totes last forever and I’ve added some ideas below.  I carry more sunscreen and lipgloss as well as the all important hand sanitizer.  I usually have a first aid kit, but sometimes I keep all that in the car so I don’t have to lug it around.


Below are some shopping ideas from my favorite place… Amazon!  These are all affiliate links.



A Day in the Life

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 8.44.51 AM

I’m back!!  Life is crazy busy as always, but all is well 🙂  Thought I’d share a typical day in my life and join in the Show and Tell Tuesdays with Momfessionals.


My alarm is set for 6:15, but I usually wake up between 5-5:30.  Sometimes, like today, it’s 4:30!  Not sure why that happens, but it does give me time to blog.


Waking up early does give me quiet time before the craziness begins.  I usually read my devotionals (I’m currently reading Daily Hope with Rick Warren and She Reads Truth.  Depending on the morning, I blog (obviously not lately), work, check emails and read my favorite blogs.

When I first wake up I always have hot water with lemon essential oil.  I can’t remember exactly why, but I know I read that it’s good for you!  After I finish that I have coffee.  I’m so weird- I love to have my morning drinks in matching cups.  I have three sets of two cups and I rotate them.  My current favorite are these “polk a dot” white mugs from Target.  Morning coffee hasn’t quite been the same since hubby and I did the Whole 30 diet.  Milk and most creamers are out, so I use Almond Milk.  Bleh… it’s just not the same!

My high schooler wakes up around 6 (she takes a zero period) and then wanders in the kitchen around 6:30 and we chat for a few minutes while she eats breakfast.  She doesn’t like to take a lunch, so I pack her some snacks.  At 6:40 we are off to meet her school carpool.  (I have three carpools going and life would be much more difficult without them!)  It’s about a 10 minute drive to school, and we take turns driving.

When I get back I let the dogs (Jax and Maui) out of their crates and they run outside to bark at the squirrel who taunts them daily.  It’s so funny to watch.  They get fed and watered and are generally crazy.  They usually help me wake up my Middle Schooler who is a serious sleepy head.

After dragging her out of bed,  I make her lunch and do some general clean up while she gets ready.  At 7:40 I take her to either meet her carpool or drive all the kids.

When I get home, I have a little more quiet time to make myself breakfast, clean the kitchen and get ready. One of my favorite morning things is Alexa, our Amazon Echo.  I have to admit I totally made fun of my husband for wanting one, but I use her for a timer, for the news and music and more.



Depending on the day, I either drive to work (I work full time but have a very flexible schedule) or head out with the dogs, do errands and then work from home.  Who knows what my kids are doing at school, but the picture I found on my camera roll, makes me wonder!  lol  Before I know it, I’m back out in the car for at least one or two pick ups.  Two or three days a week my High Schooler gets out at 12:15 (!!!!!!!!) and I feel like we are back to the pre-school days. At least my drive for pick up is a nice one.



After school it’s a quick break (and a large snack/meal for the girls!) and we usually head out for soccer practice.  My middle schooler practices an hour away, so it’s actually a fun time for us together.  This night there was a beautiful rainbow over the field.  It’s really nice because it gives me time to walk and get some exercise at the same time (although nothing like the girls!)  It’s so funny because when she was little she would never sleep in the car and now in the last few months as she approaches teenager hood she’s always sleeping!EVENING

When we get home, it’s pretty late and time for a quick dinner and some snuggles on the couch.  We all like to watch The Voice and lots of sporting events.  Sometimes we get the girls to sit with us, but we can’t always convince them and then it’s me, my hubby and the doggies.  They are attached to their phones and laptops…just like their parents 🙂

Although my days are full, I’m so grateful that I get to be fully involved in my girls’ lives every day.  It goes by so quickly!!

This post contains Affiliate Links



Friday Favorites

It happens every summer… I think that it’s going to be so relaxing, but every year it just isn’t.  That’s ok- we are still having fun and I’m figuring out how to balance everything as a working mom.  Both girls are on soccer break, so that’s definitely helpful.  Here’s some of my favorites from the week…


2015-02-16 10.26.47

Our big sweet doggie has been limping around and on Monday I took him to the vet.  When the vet looked at me with her sad face and told me that she was almost sure he had a bone tumor in his leg, I was shocked and sad.  She said we needed x-rays to make sure the cancer hadn’t gotten in his chest and if not, we would be able to have his leg amputated and have a year longer for him to live!  Fortunately this story has a miraculous ending- when the x-rays came back, the radiologist looked at them and said that he DOES NOT have cancer, but severe arthritis which was causing swelling.  We were so happy as we were preparing for the worst.


We managed to sneak in a quick trip to the desert just as a family.  We had a great time soaking up the sun, eating yummy food and just being together.  We even brought Jax along 🙂

2015-06-12 10.51.07-12015-06-11 18.17.07


LSG played in a sand soccer tournament with some friends from her team.  She had a great time, but it was really hard work!  If you’re interested in reading more, please read Copa Cabana Beach Soccer on my soccer blog.

2015-06-14 13.16.10-2


Nordstrom is having a great summer sale.  Of course I had to go find a bunch of favorites in the handbag selection 🙂

We are off on some new adventures this week with my sister-in-law and her family!  I’m linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for Friday Favorites.  Have a great weekend!



Friday Favorites

It’s been a craaazy week!  Not only the last week of school, but BSG graduated from Eighth grade complete with dance, ceremony and lots of dress and shoe shopping.  It was also my hubby’s birthday on top of everything!  Here’s a few of my favorites…


2015-06-03 14.33.45 2015-06-03 16.30.51

My baby graduated from eighth grade and is now officially a high schooler!  Definitely bittersweet.


2015-06-03 14.42.26

My handsome and funny hubby had his 29th birthday…again!


2015-05-29 18.13.07

I love this picture of BSG’s great group of friends walking to the dance.

I’m happy that they are all going into High School together.


2015-06-02 16.23.55

Sweet baby puppy Jax is so much fun!  I love his snuggles and funny puppy play.

I’m linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for Friday Favorites!  Happy weekend!



Friday Favorite- Jax the Puppy!

We all have one favorite around here at the moment and it’s our new four month old beagle/pug/cocker spaniel mix puppy Jax!  I know I’m biased, but isn’t he the cutest?


He is just the sweetest and such a fun addition to our family.  He’s already had many adventures including soccer games, al fresco dining and joining the school carpool.  Jax loves to snuggle, play with his toys, go on walks and play with our big lab Jenson.

jax2 jax1

I’ve never had a puppy before- we’ve always gotten young adult dogs, and it’s a lot of work!  For the first week I felt like I had a baby again.  When we first got him he cried and cried all night in the crate because he was away from his brothers and sister.  He also wasn’t potty trained so I had to watch him every second  (and spend a lot of time in the back yard!) until we got the “potty outside” thing down.  I started using the “Puddle and Pile” ap which helped me track everything and know when it was time to take him outside. The name always made me giggle a bit!

2015-05-29 08.51.12


We’ve had Jax for almost two weeks and he hasn’t had an accident in the house in three days so I’m hoping he has this potty thing down!  He’s  also learning to use the doggy door by running underneath our big dog when he runs through.  Maybe someday he will be big enough to push it open himself.  He’s also learning to sit and walk nicely on a leash.

We adopted Jax from an awesome rescue in San Pedro called Animals Rule which I highly recommend.  The people there are so caring and just love on all the dogs.  If you are looking to adopt a sweet puppy and live in the South Bay Los Angeles Area or North Orange County, Jax’ brother Ryker and sister Olive are still available for adoption.

I’m linking up to Andrea for Friday Favorites!




Favorite Accessory

Favorite ThingsToday I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for their Favorite Things party!  This week is a no brainer for me because it’s favorite accessory day!  I love, love, love purses and bags.  I don’t know why, but they are definitely my favorite accessories.   On my soccer mom blog I’ve written about my love for bags many times- purses, laptop bags, soccer bags… I could go on and on.  I just love having the right bag for every occasion.  It helps me keep organized and ready to go.

I’m on a spending freeze at the moment, so it was a little bit painful to shop around for purses, but it’s always fun to look.  Right now I’m on the hunt for that “just right” brown purse/tote that is big enough to carry what I need, but not big enough that I find someone’s shoe and water bottle in my purse.  (Does that just happen to me?!?!)  If I ever find it (Mother’s Day is coming up…) I will let you know.

Here’s a few fun spring and summer choices from some of my favorite designers with some very cute brown totes thrown in there 🙂

I also saw this one from Kamarette that’s officially a camera bag, but looks like it would make a great multi purpose bag…



My Happy Place

Two beach chairs on idyllic tropical white sand beach. Shadow from the palm trees. No noise, clean, extremely detailed 3d render. Concept for holidays, spa, resort design.As I was driving someone somewhere yesterday I starting thinking about my happy place.  My happy place could be many places, but it’s the beach, a lounge chair, some shade, and endless amounts of books and Diet Coke.  It sounds silly, but just thinking about it makes me relaxed and smile.  Maybe it was my sunscreen scented perfume that I recently started using again, or the new Hawaii line at Bath and Body Works, or quite possibly it was my post about my favorite vacation, but I’m feeling relaxed without going anywhere or doing anything.

Where’s your happy place?


Show and Tell Tuesday- Favorite Vacation

We have traveled to many wonderful places but my very favorite vacation was to Hawaii in 2011 to celebrate my birthday.  The island of Maui is one of my favorite places on earth and I loved our time together as a family there.  It’s also the location of one of my favorite pictures ever…



Hawaii is so beautiful, but beyond the beauty is what they call the “Aloha spirit.” I know it sounds cheesy, but for me it’s really true.  Just thinking about Maui makes me smile and instantly relaxed.  We stayed at the Maui Hyatt Regency which is a beautiful hotel close enough to all the Kaanapali action but secluded enough for relaxing.  Not sure if it’s still the same, but we bought a vacation package through Costco which turned out to be an awesome deal.


I’m naturally an early riser, and one of my favorite things from this trip was that every morning I would get up early and head down to the coffee bar, read my book and watch the sun rise.  It makes me happy just thinking about those mornings!


Of course we had a ton of fun as a family swimming, eating, snorkeling, playing and going to a luau.  It makes me a little sad to see my kids so little, but I’m so glad that we took the time together as a family.

I’m linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday…



Easter 2015

He is Risen!  He is Risen indeed.

When you are on staff at a church, holidays are definitely different.  As our most Holy time, Easter is by far the busiest, but also the most amazing.  Between Good Friday services, a community Easter Egg Hunt with 10,000 eggs and three Easter Sunday services (starting with a 6am Sunrise Service), followed by a family Easter celebration I am tired!  This year though, I am not weary as in years past.  The whole weekend was amazing and a picture of God’s people serving each other.

The Easter Egg Hunt all set up and waiting for hordes of kids.  It was the most beautiful day on the ocean!

2015-04-04 08.01.44-1

Sunrise service…

2015-04-05 06.19.13-1

It’s an exciting time in our family too- my brother’s not so little Baby R is so much fun!  My girls just love to play with him.




Blogs I Love- Daily Reads

favblogsI love to read and get a little twitchy when I don’t have something printed in front of me.  I’ve been that way as long as I can remember and it’s evolved from walking around with a young adult novel to reading the newspaper to now reading my favorite blogs on my iPad.  I enjoy using Bloglovin‘ to have an endless supply of blogs at my fingertips and I love the way that Bloglovin’ looks.  That being said, here are just some of  my daily reads…

The Big Mama Blog– I’ve been reading this one forever!  I love the breezy way that Melanie invites readers into her life and I especially enjoy her descriptions of friendship and family life.  She’s written two great books and has another one on the way.  It’s also fun to read about her daughter’s soccer adventures.

Pinterest Told Me To– Shaeffer has such an enthusiastic and down to earth way of talking about fashion and Pinterest.  Her fashion advice is awesome and I love her hubby personality.  Her blog is filled with great fashion ideas and fun stories.  She also writes some hilarious Bachelor recaps if that’s your thing.

Mix and Match Family- I love reading about Shay’s adventures with her sweet family.  They just adopted a little girl, Ashby, from China and it’s so cute to see her come to love her new family.  Shay also writes a food blog…but if you know me at all you know how I feel about cooking…  She is also besties with Shaeffer so it’s fun to read both blogs.

Hi Sugarplum– Cassie writes about fashion, decorating and more in an engaging and colorful way.  Her style is always bright and cheerful and makes me smile.

I Heart Organizing– On my neverending quest to be organized, Jen is a go to source for organizing and household tips.  I love her practical advice and although I know my house will never be that organized or clean, it’s fun to peek into hers.

Momfessionals– Andrea is also besties with Shaeffer and Shay and that’s how I found her blog.  Andrea is one busy lady who seems to have a never-ending source of energy as she teaches Middle School (I have a special place in my heart for Middle School teachers!!), wrangles her three cute kids, designs blogs and cards, sells Matilda Jane and more.  It’s always entertaining to see what she is up to.

Hollywood Housewife– Laura is married to the producer of all the Jackass movies.  It seems like an odd pairing as you read Laura’s blog about fashion, kids and everyday struggles.  Growing up so close to Hollywood, I’m not so in awe of movie stars- they really are people just like us…well…with a lot more money!  lol  It’s fun to sneek a peek into her life.

The Sunny Side Up Blog– I’ve been reading this blog for a long time, but Erin and her husband just recently built an amazingly beautiful drool worthy house in sunny San Diego.  I love reading about her family and she has some great organizing tips.  She also likes to cook about as much as I do, so her recipes are perfect for me.

What are some of your favorite blogs???


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