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I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for their Favorite Things- Target Edition.  This is a dangerous post because I’m a big Target fan.  I try to limit my shopping trips there because I have such a hard time not going in for a couple of things and coming out with a cart full of stuff!  I like their housewares (especially the Threshold line), home decor and handbag sections.  Here’s a few fun things I’d love to have in my house and something that I always have on hand.

My house had a beachy theme so we have lots of sand and blue colors going on.  Our rugs get destroyed so easily so I like to buy Target rugs so that I don’t feel so bad about switching them out.  I love, love, love the blue and white chair.  Might have to talk to my hubby about that one.

I often talk about my obsession love for purses.  I walked into Target last month and LOVED their selection of colorful bags.  (No honey, I didn’t buy any!)  They are all very similar to high end Kate Spade and other expensive brands, but have a much more accessible price point.

On a more practical note, you can’t beat Target prices on many everyday household items. One thing that I always buy is the Lemi-Shine for my dishwasher. My dishes used to be covered with a white film that I couldn’t get off! A friend recommended Lemi-Shine and it is amazing.
Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.51.40 AM

What are your Target favorites??

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    1. Definitely! It’s so hard not to scoop them all up and stick them in the basket with the dishwasher detergent and paper towels- ha-ha! Thanks for reading

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