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It’s been a pretty uneventful week around here- especially compared to all of the ice and snow that’s covering much of the US.  One drawback to Southern California weather?  No snow days!  I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites for some fun things that did happen…


“The Dress”  Not sure if you saw this on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter but the picture of this dress has been making the rounds.  Story here. It’s so silly, but the reason it’s a favorite is because of all the conversation it inspired during soccer carpool yesterday.  It totally made me giggle!

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 5.54.28 AM

Say what you will about social media, but it’s funny how it brings everyone together.  Click on the story link above and you’ll see replies from everyone from Kim Kardashian to Taylor Swift replies.  I see white and gold- what about you?


My 13 year old BSG has been making fun beauty concoctions such as homemade bath bombs (like the ones at Lush- not the explosive kind ha-ha) facial masks and more.  I asked her to write a guest post someday soon as she’s had our house smelling delicious.

2015-02-23 14.39.59


It’s not a favorite yet, but I just ordered a new flat iron!  My current one is about 10 years old and just isn’t heating up anymore.  I browsed around on Amazon and saw this one that looked like a great deal- especially for $39.  Right after I purchased it one of my favorite bloggers highlighted it on Facebook saying it was an amazing deal and she had purchased it for $199.  I’m excited to get it! Click the image below to check it out.


When the coach tells the team to run on their off days, my little soccer girl doesn’t question it!  I love to see her dedication and willingness to work hard to improve her fitness- I know it will show on the field.  Sorry for the blurry pic- I was huffing and puffing along behind her 🙂



Let’s just say I had an unfortunate incident last weekend with some new face cream and facial wash that my skin did NOT like.  After looking like I had cried for hours giving me swollen eyes for 48 hours (What lovely timing that I had to lead a meeting for 50 people looking like that!) my skin was super dry and irritated.

At soccer practice, my friend reminded me about using coconut oil and I’ve been slathering it on my face even since.  You can’t beat the price and although I’m not a big fan of the slight smell, it’s pretty amazing stuff.  You can use it for moisturizing or as a base for essential oils and so many other things!  I found this article you might enjoy- 100+ Coconut Oil Uses.  I bought mine at Trader Joes and it’s available at Amazon, but I don’t think I paid $15 for it.

Happy Friday!




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