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It happens every summer… I think that it’s going to be so relaxing, but every year it just isn’t.  That’s ok- we are still having fun and I’m figuring out how to balance everything as a working mom.  Both girls are on soccer break, so that’s definitely helpful.  Here’s some of my favorites from the week…


2015-02-16 10.26.47

Our big sweet doggie has been limping around and on Monday I took him to the vet.  When the vet looked at me with her sad face and told me that she was almost sure he had a bone tumor in his leg, I was shocked and sad.  She said we needed x-rays to make sure the cancer hadn’t gotten in his chest and if not, we would be able to have his leg amputated and have a year longer for him to live!  Fortunately this story has a miraculous ending- when the x-rays came back, the radiologist looked at them and said that he DOES NOT have cancer, but severe arthritis which was causing swelling.  We were so happy as we were preparing for the worst.


We managed to sneak in a quick trip to the desert just as a family.  We had a great time soaking up the sun, eating yummy food and just being together.  We even brought Jax along 🙂

2015-06-12 10.51.07-12015-06-11 18.17.07


LSG played in a sand soccer tournament with some friends from her team.  She had a great time, but it was really hard work!  If you’re interested in reading more, please read Copa Cabana Beach Soccer on my soccer blog.

2015-06-14 13.16.10-2


Nordstrom is having a great summer sale.  Of course I had to go find a bunch of favorites in the handbag selection 🙂

We are off on some new adventures this week with my sister-in-law and her family!  I’m linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for Friday Favorites.  Have a great weekend!


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