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I’m back!! ¬†Life is crazy busy as always, but all is well ūüôā ¬†Thought I’d share a typical day in my life and join in the Show and Tell Tuesdays with Momfessionals.


My alarm is set for 6:15, but I usually wake up between 5-5:30. ¬†Sometimes, like today, it’s 4:30! ¬†Not sure why that happens, but it does give me time to blog.


Waking up early does give me quiet time before the craziness begins. ¬†I usually read my devotionals (I’m currently reading Daily Hope with Rick Warren and She Reads Truth. ¬†Depending on the morning, I blog (obviously not lately), work, check emails and read my favorite blogs.

When I first wake up I always have hot water with lemon essential oil. ¬†I can’t remember exactly why, but I know I read that it’s good for you! ¬†After I finish that I have coffee. ¬†I’m so weird- I love to have my morning drinks in matching cups. ¬†I have three sets of two cups and I rotate them. ¬†My current favorite are these “polk a dot” white mugs from Target. ¬†Morning coffee hasn’t quite been the same since hubby and I did the Whole 30 diet. ¬†Milk and most creamers are out, so I use Almond Milk. ¬†Bleh… it’s just not the same!

My high schooler wakes up around 6 (she takes a zero period) and then wanders in the kitchen around 6:30 and we chat for a few minutes while she eats breakfast. ¬†She doesn’t like to take a lunch, so I pack her some snacks. ¬†At 6:40 we are off to meet her school carpool. ¬†(I have three carpools going and life would be much more difficult without them!) ¬†It’s about a 10 minute drive to school, and we take turns driving.

When I get back I let the dogs (Jax and Maui) out of their crates and they run outside to bark at the squirrel who taunts them daily. ¬†It’s so funny to watch. ¬†They get fed and watered and are generally crazy. ¬†They usually help me wake up my Middle Schooler who is a serious sleepy head.

After dragging her out of bed,  I make her lunch and do some general clean up while she gets ready.  At 7:40 I take her to either meet her carpool or drive all the kids.

When I get home, I have a little more quiet time to make myself breakfast, clean the kitchen and get ready. One of my favorite morning things is Alexa, our Amazon Echo.  I have to admit I totally made fun of my husband for wanting one, but I use her for a timer, for the news and music and more.



Depending on the day, I either drive to work (I work full time but have a very flexible schedule) or head out with the dogs, do errands and then work from home. ¬†Who knows what my kids are doing at school, but the picture I found on my camera roll, makes me wonder! ¬†lol ¬†Before I know it, I’m back out in the car for at least one or two pick ups. ¬†Two or three days a week my High Schooler gets out at 12:15 (!!!!!!!!) and I feel like we are back to the pre-school days. At least my drive for pick up is a nice one.



After school it’s a quick break (and a large snack/meal for the girls!) and we usually head out for soccer practice. ¬†My middle schooler practices an hour away, so it’s actually a fun time for us together. ¬†This night there was a beautiful rainbow over the field. ¬†It’s really nice because it gives me time to walk and get some exercise at the same time (although nothing like the girls!) ¬†It’s so funny because when she was little she would never sleep in the car and now in the last few months as she approaches teenager hood she’s always sleeping!EVENING

When we get home, it’s pretty late and time for a quick dinner and some snuggles on the couch. ¬†We all like to watch The Voice and lots of sporting events. ¬†Sometimes we get the girls to sit with us, but we can’t always convince them and then it’s me, my hubby and the doggies. ¬†They are attached to their phones and laptops…just like their parents ūüôā

Although my days are full, I’m so grateful that I get to be fully involved in my girls’ lives every day. ¬†It goes by so quickly!!

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