What’s in my Bag?

Today I’m linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday- What’s in your Bag?  This post contains affiliate links.

If you know me, you know that I LOVE purses and bags.  It’s a sickness- hahaha!  My exact Rebecca Minkoff bag isn’t available any more via Amazon (because I got a crazy good deal!), but I gave some other options at the end of this post.




I really liked this bag because of the zipper pocket in the front (so I can easily access my phone) and the large zippered pocket on the inside that helps keep everything organized.  I recently cleaned out my purse so there actually isn’t much in there!


purseCollage21- My main organizational strategy is all right here.  I always carry a wristlet wallet where I’m able to hook on my keychain with my house and car keys.  (It’s helpful that I have keyless drive in my car so I don’t need to take the keys off the keychain to drive) I just grab my wallet when I’m making a short trip and I know I always have my keys.  I have a few of these wristlet wallets from Coach (this one is old!!) and they also have a pocket on the back for a phone.  It’s great to be able to grab and go any time without having to take my whole purse.  It also helps me not lose my keys in the house because it’s much easier to find a large blue wallet than a small set of keys!  I love this phone case that was very reasonable- I usually like a Kate Spade case, but this time when it ripped I didn’t feel like shelling out $50. I love this one for summer!

2- I also carry the small pink pouch which houses all my gift cards and store loyalty cards etc… It helps to have them not all jumbled up in my big wallet.

3- I love to read so I always carry my Kindle Paperwhite with me for all those times I have to wait for someone at soccer practice, carpool line etc… I used to use an iPad for reading, but the Kindle is so light that I asked for one for my birthday several years ago and I love it.  It’s very lightweight and durable- I should know, I’ve dropped it many times.

I also found a Starbucks gift card!  Yay!

4- These are all the things I keep in the large zippered pocket.  I usually have about 5 more lip glosses, but not today I guess!  I also always carry sunscreen- my two favorites are zinc based (Sun Bum and Ocean Potion Face), hair ties and dental floss.  Although I don’t usually carry snacks for my kids anymore, I always carry a Larabar for myself.

I also always have my sunglasses, but I keep them in the car and then stick them in my purse.

On the weekends, I often switch to a larger tote bag- especially if we have a soccer tournament.  I seem to end up with lovely items like socks or water bottles, but I try to keep it stocked so a switch is easy.  This bag is several years old, but I just added the tassels to make it more fun for the summer.  (My teenage daughter told me it’s a little too much fun though- hahaha)  The Coach totes last forever and I’ve added some ideas below.  I carry more sunscreen and lipgloss as well as the all important hand sanitizer.  I usually have a first aid kit, but sometimes I keep all that in the car so I don’t have to lug it around.


Below are some shopping ideas from my favorite place… Amazon!  These are all affiliate links.


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